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Field of Administrative Sciences

Business Administration Program (Dual Degree)

Business Administration Program (Dual Degree)

Required Courses Dual Degree Duration
52 Courses Available 8 Semesters
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 140 Cr. Hrs. 160,000 EGP

Program Overview

For the first time in Egypt, students can earn a dual bachelor’s degree in business administration from Galala University (GU) and Arizona State University (ASU) studying at the Galala campus. This GU-ASU bachelor’s dual degree is the best choice for aspiring entrepreneurs and future business leaders. 

Through this business administration degree, students will learn about leadership, finances, forecasting demand and more. The program’s emphasis on general management skills means you can start your career in a variety of industries.

Globalization and the growing demand for business data insights in many markets make the skills earned in a business administration program essential for future leaders. The program provides the full business core that focuses on skills such as forecasting demand; planning inventory; purchasing services; conducting skillful negotiations; building strategies for the future; and managing people, finances, and risk. 

  • AccoladesThe ASU Business Administration BA degree is offered by the AACSB-accredited W. P Carey School of Business.

Admissions Requirements

GU requirements:

  • 2 admission tests: a cognitive test which represents 25%, a critical thinking test which represents 5% and the rest is your Thanaweya Amma or the equivalent certificate which will represent the rest of the 70%.


ASU requirements:

  • The following courses are considered critical for both admission and the degree: CIS 105/BIS111, ECN 211/ECO 113, MAT 210/MAT 235, and ACC 231/ACC 112.
  • Students must complete these critical courses prior to ASU enrollment with no individual course grades below C (2.0).
  • Cumulative GPA for all courses in semesters 1-4 must be 2.75 or higher.

Career opportunities

Graduates are prepared to manage processes and people in a wide range of industries. Career opportunities include:

Administrative services specialist  

Business specialist 

General and operations management

Human Resources specialist  

Training and development specialist  

Business Analyst  

Customer Service specialist  

Employee Training specialist  

Office Manager  

Procurement Specialist

Purchasing specialist  

Store specialist

Tuition Fees

  • Annual tuition fees: 320,000 EGP
  • Annual administrative fees (to be paid before the first semester): 14,900 EGP
  • Admission administrative fees(To  be paid once on the admission’s semester): 6,000 EGP
  • Total first year’s fees: 340,900 EG
  • Admission’s semester fees: 180,900 EGP
  • Second-semester fees: 160,000 EGP
  • Next year’s fees: 334,900 EGP