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GU Faculty of Nursing Welcomes Nursing Sector Committee

Galala University’s Faculty of Nursing recently welcomed a visit from the esteemed Nursing Sector Committee. This visit marked an important milestone in the faculty’s commitment to excellence in nursing education. The committee, comprised of notable figures such as Professor Dr. Amal Ahmed Khalil, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at Port Said University and the committee rapporteur; Professor Dr. Afaf Abdel Aziz, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at Tanta University; and Professor Dr. Warda Youssef from the Faculty of Nursing at Cairo University, conducted a thorough inspection of the university’s facilities.

The objective of their visit was to evaluate the faculty’s material and human resources to decide on the accreditation of the nursing program. The committee members took a detailed tour, inspecting the state-of-the-art laboratories, modern classrooms, expansive teaching halls, and well-equipped library. They also reviewed the academic regulations and expressed their commendation for the well-structured curriculum and the exceptional learning environment facilitated by the faculty.

Their positive feedback highlights the faculty’s dedication to providing top-tier educational standards and preparing students to meet the demands of the healthcare sector. This visit not only reflects the faculty’s ongoing commitment to academic excellence but also its stature as a leading institution in nursing education.

Galala University continues to strive for excellence, ensuring that its programs meet the highest educational standards to equip future nurses with the knowledge and skills necessary for their critical roles in healthcare.