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GU Shines at the International Nursing Students Conference at Misr University for Science and Technology

Galala University’s Faculty of Nursing made a significant impact at the recent International Nursing Students Conference held at Misr University for Science and Technology. The event was marked by a series of contributions from the students of Galala University, showcasing a diverse range of talents and scholarly achievements.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Gehan El Ghonemy, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, and Dr. Ola Ashraf, Assistant Lecturer, the student delegation participated in various activities that highlighted their academic and creative expertise. The students presented scientific research and engaged in cultural and artistic activities, including poetry readings, drawing, free painting, and the recitation of the Quran, adding a rich cultural layer to their academic presence. These performances were met with widespread acclaim from professors and fellow participants, underscoring the unique blend of academic excellence and artistic expression cultivated at Galala University.

The participation of Galala University’s students in this conference not only demonstrated their academic capabilities but also their ability to integrate cultural expression into their professional development. This holistic approach to education aligns with the university’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals capable of making substantial contributions to their fields.