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GU’s Design Talk Series Illuminates Pathways in Architecture and Design

Galala University’s GU Design Talks series continued its mission of bridging academia and industry by hosting its second event, featuring the renowned designers Eng. Karim El-Hayawan and Eng. Nihal Leheta, founders of Design Point Egypt. This session was organized by the Interior Architecture program of the Faculty of Art and Design alongside the Digital Architecture program of the Faculty of Engineering.
The event delved into several critical topics within the fields of design and architecture, including the latest trends and methods. Eng. Karim El-Hayawan and Eng. Nihal Leheta led discussions that not only highlighted contemporary design strategies but also fostered an exchange of experiences and ideas among participants.
This meeting served as an exceptional opportunity for students and design enthusiasts to connect with industry experts, enriching their understanding and linking them directly to the job market. The engagement and interaction at the event underscored the university’s commitment to preparing its students for professional success by exposing them to real-world insights and experiences.
Galala University continues to emphasize the importance of integrating practical knowledge with academic studies, ensuring that its graduates are well-equipped to meet the demands of the global job market.