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Sports Club

Commit to Fit.

It’s time to set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. Just play, have fun and enjoy the game.

We all know that Sports are essential for boosting our health, both mentally and physically. Meeting up with people who share the same passion for sports will definitely empower and enrich you.

Reasons to join GU sports club:

  • You’ll make friends you might not otherwise have met.
  • It will help with stress and boost your health.
  • It’s an opportunity to try something new.
  • You’ll have fun!


“A healthy body makes a healthy mind”. GU Sports club aims to support OSL (office of student’s life) in preparing, managing, and overseeing all sports activities and agendas in GU. Club members will act as volunteers to fulfill the club’s mission to provide and manage a complete sports environment that allows all students in GU to engage in all kinds of sports tournaments and activities.


GU Sports club aims to provide a fully functional and interactive sportive community that allows students to self-manage and administrate all sports activities.


  • On-campus Sports Tournaments.
  • Official Egyptian University Sports Federation (EUSF) Sports Tournament participation.

organizational structure

Organizational Structure

Ola Bayoumi

Vice President

Roqaya Nashaat


Moaz Mohamed

Event Organizer

Ayman Khaled


Ziad Haytham

Article and social media director