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About Hiroshima University :

Founded in 1949, Hiroshima University is a non-profit public higher education institution. It’s one of the leading national universities in Japan incorporating many different institutions of higher education. HU has been growing ever since; adding new schools, research institutes, and centers. Today it is counted among the national universities and consists of 12 schools and graduate schools, a research institute, research facilities, and affiliated hospitals. HU was selected as one of the Top Global University Projects by the Ministry of Education, Japan in 2014. Moreover, HU is making steady progress as a global university, taking on worldwide challenges and strengthening its global educational network by signing international exchange agreements with universities around the world and opening overseas bases at strategic locations. Signing a partnership with Galala University GU, GU will be hosting fifteen academic staff members in the fields of Engineering, Dentistry, and Japanese language education.

Global Partnership between Gu & Hiroshima

Global partnerships increase the quality of our research, improves teaching and learning, and sparks innovation.

In addition to our excellent and intellectually challenging programs, Galala University (GU) has signed a partnership with the Hiroshima University of Japan in research and academic cooperation. The two parties agreed that Hiroshima University would cooperate with GU, represented by Engineering, Dentistry, and Japanese language education, by hosting fifteen academic staff members to deliver impactful collaborative research and enhance student skills and employability. This cooperation also provides advanced educational systems, curricula, enhancing scientific and academic dialogue between both parties.

Signing a partnership with one of the most renowned universities in Japan, which is considered one of the leading countries in education reform, achieves GU's vision to prepare a graduate capable of competing in the local, regional and international labor market. It also consolidates with its mission to achieve the strategic goal of establishing a smart university with the directives of His Excellency President Abd El Fattah El Sissi. These agreements formally document the university's relationships with international partners with the objective of enhancing mutual learning, research, and innovation outcomes.

GU is in the process of forming several partnerships with prestigious universities across the globe. It is by working in partnerships that we aspire to be world-leading in research, teaching, and global experiences. In line with our mission of fostering academic and research exchange programs, and offering the very best in international, interdisciplinary education, these connections open the doors for our students even wider.