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Health isn’t just about what you eat. It’s about what you are thinking and feeling too. And now more than ever, no one should feel alone or without the information, support, and help they need. Club members are dedicated volunteers who carry out the club mission and put efforts to create a comfortable environment for conversations and practices for mental health self-care.


“YOU ARE NOT ALONE”, Imdad club is a peer-support club. Its main concern is helping one another to open up and share our stress, anxieties, problems, and obstacles that face us. The club aims to create a supportive network and provide a space for what GU students are passionate about beyond the classroom.


Imdad looks forward to having a positive social life and community among GU students and raising their awareness about mental self-care. The future starts here, so we aim to be more than prepared for it.




  • Weekly meetings to open up, reflect on who we are, share common social experiences, support each other, and have self-care checkups continuously to help and encourage each other to track our mental health self-care routine and development.
  • “Quote of the week” selection: A form will be made for students of each field to share their favorite motivating quotes and each week a quote will be hung on a remarkable wall/place in each field’s building with the name of the student who shared it.
  • Read and review self-development books.
  • Organize mindfulness and meditation sessions on campus for relaxation.
  • Display motivational movies and TED Talks at the auditorium.
  • Encourage random students on campus to express their current feelings, share their mental/social experience, tell an inspiring situation, etc. and share them -if they consent- on the club’s accounts on social media platforms to connect with other college students’ communities.
  • Initiate acts of kindness challenges among the students with certain regulations and rewards for whoever participates.
  • Monthly awareness sessions and discussions lead by public speakers and experts in the mental health care field.
  • Organize and participate in mental health care awareness events all over the country.
  • Have partnerships with mental health care organizations/ campaigns (e.g. MedFest Egypt) to collaborate with them, acquire skills, and enhance mental health self-care awareness.

Organizational structure


Mental health struggles are on the rise globally, particularly among young adults. Suicide remains the second leading cause of death for young adults – including those on college campuses nationwide.

The question is HOW YOU CAN HELP?

The answer: by three simple letters ….V-A-R.

Using the V-A-R toolkit allows you to help yourself and others in a fun, meaningful way. And helps spread an important message “it’s ok to be not ok” and ensuring mental health is prioritized as highly as physical health.

What dose V-A-R Stand For?

V ………VALIDATE their feelings. 

Let them know that what they’re feeling is okay and that you believe them. When someone reaches out to you, validate their feelings and acknowledge that whatever they are going through is okay. Even if you cannot relate with what they are going through, it’s real to them. Be careful not to minimize or judge what they are going through. Try not to fix or solve their challenge if they are not looking for advice and just simply be there for them.

A ……….APPRECIATE their courage. 

Speaking up can be a challenging step — let them know it’s a good one. And encourage them to speak more about there emotions and let them know they are not alone.

R ……….REFER them to skills and support. 

Let them know that help is available and help them figure out what they need at the moment, and refer them to appropriate resources. Notice that “Refer” is best when posed as a question. 


Always know that help is available and we as a club are here for you and you can always spread the word about V-A-R in your community.


Organizational Structure

Ayah Gabr


Ahmed Maarouf

Hr Manager

Ahmed Saleh

Content Creator

Ahmed Rafiq

Rashed Eltaweel