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Mai Akah

Mai Akah

Associate professor of Conservative Dentistry


Doctor Mai Akah, was graduated in the faculty of Dentistry, Cairo university 2004, Got the master’s degree in Conservative Dentistry in 2012, then the doctorate degree in 2016. She was promoted to the associate professor degree in 2021.

Since the PhD, she was deeply involved in the evidence-based dentistry discipline, published her first systematic review and meta-analysis in restorative dentistry in 2016. Then, she become a member of the research plan, evidence-based committees as well as the medical biostatistical unit in the faculty of Dentistry, Cairo university.

She was the former master program director in Conservative Dentistry department, Cairo university, till 2022.

Since 2016, she had supervised more than 15 post graduate thesises.

She had published more than 22 peer reviewed scientific articles in the discipline.

After the PhD she joined the Future university as a part timer staff member till 2021. And in 2021 she joined the Galala university as head of the Conservative and Restorative department.

She was also, a former head of the Restorative department in Shiny white Dental centers, Egypt till 2020.


  • Evidence based dentistry practice and publication.
  • Medical biostatistics expert and membership.
  • Digital dentistry clinical expertise.
  • Quality assurance unit membership.
  • Post-graduate program and courses direction.
  • Continuing dental education course director, Cairo university and Galala university.
  •  Workshop committee head, Galala International Dental Conference 2023.


Area Of Research

Clinical restorative and adhesive dentistry.

Awards/Honorable Mentions

  • Medical biostatistical contribution award, Cairo university.
  • Quality assurance unit award, Cairo university.
  • Poster award, AEEDEC Dubai international conference 2020.
  • Certificate of appreciation, Galala International Dental Conference 2023.

Academic Positions

  • Former Master program director, Conservative Dentistry Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo university.
  • Head of Conservative and Restorative discipline, Field of Dentistry, Galala university.

Non-academic jobs

Former head of the Restorative department in Shiny white Dental centers, Egypt till 2021.


  • Reading
  • Travelling