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Khaled Assem

Khaled M. Assem

Assistant Professor


I joined Galala University in 2023 as lecturer in faculty of physical therapy.

Prior to Galala University, I was lecturer at BAU, PUA, BUC and ECU and a consultant and director of physical therapy department at wadi elneel, Nile Badrawy and CMS hospitals. During my previous years whether in teaching or practice physical therapy in hospitals, I helped in developing programs to train and raise the efficiency of professionals. Developing curricula and training students in professional skills.

I am a graduate of faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University, where I majored in cardiopulmonary and geriatric rehabilitation. I currently live in Cairo with my family.


  • Doctoral degree (PhD), 2012, Cairo University
  • Master’s degree (M.Sc.), 2007, Cairo University
  • Degree: Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.), 1989, Cairo University


Area Of Research

Cardiopulmonary & metabolic disorder

Academic Positions

Lecturer in physical therapy

Non-academic jobs

Physical therapy consultant at wadi elneel hospital