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Maram Elsaadany

Maram Elsaadany



Dr. Maram El-Saadany is an accomplished Assistant Professor specializing in Translation and Interpretation Studies at Galala University. With an impressive 19-year career in education, she is a dynamic leader. Holding a Ph.D. in computational linguistics and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Maram stands as an authority in her field. She’s an esteemed editor for TESOL Journal and other reputable publications, and her expertise extends to being a certified O.E.T and IELTS speaking examiner. Through extensive research and participation as a speaker in international conferences, she remains at the forefront of translation studies. As the head of the English unit at GU, Maram El-Saadany continues to shape the educational landscape with her profound contributions.


PH-D in Translation studies.


0000-0001-5526-8205 ORCID

Area Of Research

Translation Studies- Computational Linguistics.


IELTS Examination Center.

Academic Positions

Assistant Professor of Translation Studies.

Non-academic Positions

  • English Coordinator.
  • Head of English Unit.