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Mariam Waheed

Mariam Waheed

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences 


Dr. Mariam Waheed serves as an Assistant Professor at both the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at Galala University and the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science with distinction in 2019, focusing on the topic of “Political Discourse in Egyptian Cinema: A Study in the Notion of Social Justice 1961-1981.” This research was recently published in her book titled “Political Discourse in Egyptian Cinema.”

Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. Waheed obtained her Master’s degree with distinction in 2013. Her Master’s thesis, “The Concept of Body in Political Theory: A Study in Self-Perceptions throughout the Egyptian Revolution 25 January 2011,” was published in the book “Body and Politics.”

Dr. Waheed has made significant contributions to academia through her numerous publications in both English and Arabic. Her research encompasses various areas such as cinema and politics, body politics, gender studies, and political communication. Some of her notable publications include “Women’s Representation in the Egyptian Parliament 2015-2020,” “The Representation of Women in Egyptian Local Councils in Light of International Experiences,” and “Women in the New Republic: Rights and Political Participation (Case study of the 2015-2020 parliaments).” Additionally, her work extends to instrumentalizing political cinema and conducting multimodal discourse analysis of Egyptian political movies.

In her teaching career, Dr. Waheed has instructed undergraduate and graduate courses in political theory, feminist theories, the Egyptian political system, contemporary political ideologies, discourse analysis, Arab and European civilizations, multiculturalism, and human rights. She has taught at institutions including Future University of Egypt and the National Training Academy.

Dr. Waheed’s scholarly activities extend beyond the classroom. She has presented research papers at national, regional, and international conferences and has actively participated in conferences and workshops across various countries, including the United States of America, Great Britain, Scotland, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Finland, and Jordan. Additionally, she has contributed to academia by reviewing journal articles.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr. Waheed is actively involved in the cultural scene at Cairo University. She serves as the coordinator of the cultural salon at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science and as the advisor of the faculty’s student union’s cultural committee. Furthermore, she has lent her expertise as a consultant on various projects with organizations such as the USAID.