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Samah Mehanny

Samah Mehanny 



Dr. Samah brings over 30 years of teaching experience in Oral Biology, with 10 years serving as a professor at both Cairo and Galala Universities. Known for her ability to integrate clinical relevance into the field of oral biology, she is passionate about advancing research that correlates biology with dentistry. Dr. Samah earned her PhD in Oral Biology from the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, and served as the head of the department at Future University for 8 years.

She has extensive experience as a Course Coordinator at the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, managing both mainstream and credit systems. Dr. Samah has contributed to numerous publications in national and international journals. Currently, she serves as a Course Director and Instructor at Galala University’s Dentistry Department. Additionally, she is an active member of various committees within the faculty and university, including the schedule committee and exam committee for electronic correction.


  • Teaching, academic supporter for students especially at risk.
  • Preparing the quality file of the course.
  • Preparation of the virtual microscope data.
  • Reviewing articles in national and international journals.


Area Of Research

 Exosome & regenerative dentistry.


 Applications of AI in student self assessment.

Academic Positions

 Course Director & instructor


 Construction of podcasts.