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Texas International Education Consortium

About Texas International Education Consortium:

Since 1985, the Texas International Education Consortium has been working on behalf of our members to build international partnerships and build a global network of friends and sponsors to bring Texas opportunities and share Texas expertise around the world. TIEC's university matchmaking has opened opportunities for students, faculty, research, mobility, recruitment, and exchange. TIEC was created to be a nimble programming partner to our public universities, and, for that reason, we have maintained a training institute in Austin, and J-1 and F-1 visa sponsorship services. This flexibility helps TIEC meet the diverse needs of our partners.

The Texas International Education Consortium is committed to creating lasting relationships between Texas higher education and counterparts worldwide through collaboration, co-creation, and the sharing of knowledge and values.

Following its efforts to establish international partnerships with various institutions and universities worldwide, Galala University, the first Egyptian national and government University to join the Consortium's membership, has recently joined as an affiliate member of the Texas International Consortium (TIEC).

The Benefits Of TIEC Membership:

TIEC's partners get the advantage to access 25,000 faculty across 31 universities in the 10th largest economy in the world. TIEC's experience and ingenuity are harnessed to build new universities, gain accreditation, create new degree programs, update and upgrade curriculum; provide innovation and best practices to established universities. In addition to mapping, planning, and executing new university designs for investors and government institutions.

In return, TIEC offers member institutions unique access and global connections that advance international strategies; build capacity; increase student mobility; and enhance global engagement that complements and strengthens comprehensive internationalization efforts. Texas universities are united together, and TIEC believes in the cross-sharing of ideas and information between all member organizations.

Under this membership, Galala University will create a page on the Consortium's website. Five faculty members will get access, create an account on the partners search part on the website, and promote scientific dialogue between the two parties.