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Galala University organizes the first “Nano science Day”

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, Acting President of Galala University, the Nano Science and Technology Program, headed by Dr. Radwa Hassan, organized an introductory workshop entitled “Nanoscience Day”, which aimed at introducing the nanotechnology science and its applications in various fields.

The event was attended by of Dr. Rana Zeidan, Secretary General of Galala University, and several faculty members, with the participation of many faculty members from various Egyptian universities, who have distinguished contributions in the field of nano sciences, in addition to experts in the field of nanotechnology, researchers, graduates, and students.

The day included several lectures on the importance of interdisciplinarity in science, the use of nanotechnology in molecular biotechnology, the innovative applications of nanotechnology to achieve sustainability, “computer modeling and applications”, and “Graphene Nanostructures: A New Era for Graphene Science and Technology.

In his welcome speech, Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, stressed GU’s vision to link all its fields and programs with the rapid scientific developments, especially the field of nanotechnology which is one of the most futuristic fields that impacts the world especially in the industrial, agricultural, medical, and environmental fields.

Furthermore, Dr. Radwa Hassan, added that the “Nanoscience Day” aims at spreading the awareness of the importance of nanotechnology in various applications and fields, towards achieving the sustainable development goals. She also added that GU provides all the facilities and equipment necessary for research.

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