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GU hosts the first International Spring School on BioPhotonics applications

In collaboration with the African Laser Center -South Africa, The Italian embassy in Cairo, and Optica (Formerly Optical Society of America), GU hosted the first International Spring School on BioPhotonics applications. Participants gained valuable insights from leading international experts from South Africa, Italy, Sudan, Egypt, and Romania to transfer knowledge and skills in the field of Plant Biotechnology and Food Security.
The agroindustrial system is a major industrial driver worldwide. Yet the system is also extremely fragile, being challenged by increasing demand of the consumers, land exploitation and all the challenges derived by urbanization, pollution, and climate change. All those aspects together are affecting the agricultural system, and determine a pressure for update and adaptation of the production, transformation and distribution processes.
The three-day event aimed at discussing the agriculture of the future and to reinforce the dialogue among the scientific community in the area through interactive teaching with lectures and representative of the industry in the precision agriculture field.
The event is part of the GREEN ECONOMY ACADEMY series, an annual event that addresses the issues of the Green Economy, from renewable energy, to the circular economy, water management and food security.