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GU welcomes Arizona State University’s president, Prof. Dr. Michael Crow


Sunday, May 21st,2023

During an exceptional visit to GU campus, Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President, welcomed Professor Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University, who conveyed his delight, and stated that GU reflects Egypt’s current transformation into a nation rich in historical and civilizational significance, experiencing a renaissance in the realm of higher education and scientific research. Furthermore, Professor Crow expressed his profound admiration for the students’ educational aptitude and their remarkable engagement in cultural, artistic, and scientific endeavors, fostered through the collaborative partnership between the two universities.

A press conference was held and attended by Prof. Dr. Adel El Adawy, Chairman of GU’s Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Adel Sabour and Eng. Tarek Kabil, members of the Board, the Indonesian Ambassador to Cairo, Cultural Attaches from Arab, African, and Southeast Asian embassies. We were also honored to welcome the Vice Presidents from Arizona State University, representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education’s Cultural Relations department, as well as Dr. Sherif Saleh, Head of the Central Administration for International Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education.

The guests were also welcomed by Dr. Ehab Hassanien, GU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Hanno, GU Vice President for Student Affairs, as well as GU Deans and Faculty Members.


Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi accompanied the guests on a tour to the Architecture and Art and Design students’ exhibition. They expressed their admiration for the students’ impressive practical applications showcased, which exemplify the high standard of education and training provided by Galala University. Furthermore, they acknowledged the university administration’s dedicated efforts in fostering students’ skills development and providing comprehensive support to create an optimal learning environment. The esteemed guests praised the exceptional caliber of students at the university and emphasized their crucial role in shaping the future of the Egyptian nation.

Commencing the ceremony on the stage of the Field of Arts and Design at Galala University, a captivating array of musical performances was showcased by talented university students. This was followed by a welcoming speech by Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President, where he stated that Galala university is committed to developing education across all levels, including scientific research and to preparing competitive graduate students able to apply what they learn to actual work and professional settings., all while emphasizing the importance of international partnerships in supporting the national development agenda.” We believe that through the partnership of Arizona State University, Cintana Education and Galala University we will be able to graduate students with multicultural background who will be able to work with different cultures and capable of competing at the regional and international levels.”, declared Dr Shinawi.

He also said that GU, in less than 3 years, has more than 5000 students studying in 14 fields, and 42 programs, while establishing our international cooperation to be powered by ASU, and this year GU has already started 5 dual programs with ASU and planning to reach 12 programs the next academic year 2023-2024, in addition to our cooperation with many other international universities. Our professors and researchers published more than 500 papers in highly-ranked journals with more than 70% of these publications with international partners. Furthermore, we have more than 15 funded research projects and more than 30 other submitted projects for different local and international funding entities.


In his speech, Prof. Dr. Adel Al-Adawy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Galala University, extended a warm welcome to all attendees. He highlighted the significant milestone achieved last year, wherein the university forged a collaborative agreement with Arizona State University, subsequently commencing the implementation of academic programs in the current academic year. Dr. Al-Adawy emphasized that Galala University’s distinctive quality, fostered through this partnership, lies in its commitment to innovation and excellence. The university aims to graduate highly skilled graduates who are well-equipped to meet the demands of the labor market both locally and within the broader Arab region, and worldwide.

Al-Adawy further stated that Galala University strives to establish collaborations with renowned international universities. This strategic partnership aims to elevate the outcomes of scientific research and innovation, while also enhancing the university’s role and social responsibility towards the larger society it serves. By doing so, Galala University endeavors to cultivate a pioneering educational environment that fosters student success and encourages innovation.

This was followed by a presentation conducted by Prof. Dr. Michael Crow in which he outlined his vision for the future of education, emphasizing the importance of preparing students for the labor market. He expressed his aspirations to establish international collaborations with esteemed universities, such as Galala University, to enhance educational opportunities and attract a larger number of international students. Additionally, he emphasized the necessity of adapting to technological advancements by developing innovative methods for lifelong learning, ensuring alignment with the evolving requirements of the labor market.

He further emphasized the fundamental nature of knowledge, highlighting the value of experiential learning through exploration. He stated that the university adopts contemporary approaches to education and training, prioritizing exploration-based learning over traditional curriculum indoctrination. Consequently, the university actively endeavors to identify exceptionally talented students on an international scale, including those from Egypt, to nurture their potential.

He provided insights into the educational landscape of Arizona State University, highlighting that the institution proudly graduates 35,000 students annually. Notably, the university consistently attains the top position in innovation across various educational spheres, while also ranking sixth in scientific research. With a total enrollment of 83,000 students on campus, the university accommodates an additional 100,000 students engaged in online learning.


Crow expressed his delight in becoming a part of the Cintana Alliance, comprising over 15 universities spanning various countries worldwide. Arizona State University takes great pride in its globally recognized model, renowned for innovation and scientific research, consistently placing the university at the forefront of international rankings and classifications.

The visit was concluded by a campus tour where the guests visited GU’s buildings, students’ dorms, and GU conference hall. They were impressed by the university’s facilities and how this provides the students with an exceptional learning experience.