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GU signs a cooperation protocol with Suez University

Yesterday, Galala University signed a cooperation protocol with Suez Canal University. The primary objective of this collaboration is to foster academic and research cooperation in areas of shared interest, encompassing scientific, research, technical, and applied fields.


This joint initiative is aligned with the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and in accordance with the collaborative partnership established among academic institutions in the Canal Region and Sinai, Galala University has signed this mutually beneficial cooperation protocol with the University of Suez. The primary objective of this protocol is to enhance academic and research collaboration in scientific, technical, and applied fields of shared interest, fostering collaboration among universities and scientific research institutions to create a dynamic working environment for students. The exchange of diverse experiences aims to equip them with the necessary skills and qualifications to thrive in the job market.


The protocol was signed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President, and Prof. Dr. El-Sayed El-Sharkawy, President of Suez University.


Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi emphasized that the signing of this protocol aims to implement various programs, activities, training courses, and collaborative workshops. Furthermore, it entails coordination for the organization of conferences, seminars, and scientific panel discussions. Additionally, the protocol seeks to provide students with practical training opportunities at university hospitals affiliated with Suez Governorate.


El Shinawi further stated that GU is committed to providing comprehensive support to foster active student participation and continuous training. This includes facilitating practical training opportunities in diverse fields and disciplines through collaborations with prominent universities, companies, and local and international institutions. The aim is to establish direct links between students and the job market.


The cooperation between Galala University and Suez University encompasses multiple facets. This includes the exchange of faculty members and support staff, as well as the utilization of experts and specialists from various fields. The universities will also collaborate on joint academic programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Additionally, they will engage in collaborative research, scientific theses, and educational development projects, with the objective of producing joint research initiatives.


During their visit, the President of Suez University and the accompanying delegation toured GU campus. They were particularly impressed by the state-of-the-art skills and simulation laboratories in areas such as human medicine, dentistry, engineering, architecture, art, and design.

This collaboration aligns with the National Strategy for Higher Education and Scientific Research under the patronage of H.E. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The strategy aims to maximize the utilization of human resources in academic institutions and provide training and employment opportunities for students and graduates. Additionally, it aims to leverage the capabilities of academic institutions to address the various developmental challenges faced by the Canal Region and Sinai, while also supporting medium, small, and micro enterprises.

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