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GU’s Field of Architecture hosts the Jury Committee for architectural design projects.

The Field of Architecture at GU was honored to host the Jury Committee for architectural design projects across all study levels. This esteemed committee comprised renowned individuals from academia and the architectural profession, carefully selected to ensure a balance between academic expertise and practical experience. The members included:
• Dr. Walaa Nour: Head of the Architecture Division, Member of the Supreme Council of the Engineers Syndicate, and Head of the Architecture Department at Tanta University.
• Dr. Silvia Covarino: Professor of Architecture at the German University.
• Dr. Hossam Salama: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Head of the Architectural and Urban Design Department at the German University.
• Dr. Nabil Muhareb: Assistant Professor of Architecture at the American University.
Additionally, the committee comprised several esteemed architects within Egypt.
Following the arbitration procedures and evaluation of the students’ projects, all attendees unanimously praised the outstanding level of the students’ work. A dedicated session was held to discuss the future of the educational process within the field of architecture and the university’s potential contributions to produce exceptional graduates in Egypt. The ensuing discussion proved highly enriching and valuable, with the outcomes expected to influence the development of the educational process in the upcoming year.