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Galala University Signs Cooperation Protocol with New Cairo Technological University to Enhance Academic and Research Collaboration

Galala University (GU) and New Cairo Technological University (NCTU) signed a cooperation protocol on September 18th, 2023, to improve and reinforce academic and research collaboration between the two institutions.

The protocol was signed by GU President Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi and NCTU President Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Sheikh, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ehab Hassanein, GU Vice President for Academic Affairs; Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hanno, GU Vice President for Students’ Affairs; Dr. Rana Zeidan, GU Secretary General; Dr. Tarek Abdel Malak Mikhail, Dean of the Faculty of Industrial and Energy Technology at NCTU; and Program Directors at both universities.

The collaboration aligns with the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to strengthen academic and research partnerships in areas of shared interest, including science, technology, and practical applications. The objective is to promote collaboration between universities and research institutions, creating a dynamic academic environment that benefits students.

GU and NCTU will introduce a variety of programs, courses, and workshops, including conferences, symposia, and academic discussions. The protocol also aims to offer students hands-on training experiences in different faculties and laboratories affiliated with both universities.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, President of NCTU, stressed that GU comprises unique specializations in many technological fields, which contribute to developing and graduating students capable of competing in the national and international job market.

The cooperation protocol between GU and NCTU is a significant step towards enhancing academic and research collaboration in Egypt. The two universities strive to offer distinctive learning experience, and the protocol will enable them to leverage their strengths to benefit students and the wider community.


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