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GU hosts the third round of the Biotechnology Creativity Competition

Saturday, October 7th, 2023

GU proudly hosted the third round of the Biotechnology Creativity Competition. The pre-final round of this innovative competition concluded with enthusiasm and promise.

The Biotechnology Innovative Competition serves as a platform for students and graduates from Egyptian universities, engaged in biotechnology studies and research, to showcase their skills. Covering diverse fields such as medicine, science, agriculture, computer science, artificial intelligence, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy, biotechnology aims to leverage living organisms for the production of biological products with therapeutic, industrial, and productive applications, including the crucial development of veterinary and human vaccines.

The inaugural round of the competition was hosted by the Veterinary Services Administration of the Armed Forces, acknowledging the instrumental role of our armed forces in sustainable development and self-sufficiency in vaccines, immunizations, and biological preparations. This initiative contributes significantly to creating employment opportunities for Egyptian talents in medicine and food research and development.

Colonel Mohamed Gohar, Commander of the Veterinary Hospital for Treatment and Laboratory Analyses of the Armed Forces, represented the Veterinary Services Administration, delivering a warm welcome speech. He highlighted the Armed Forces’ commitment to supporting and sponsoring outstanding Egyptian youth, showcasing the advanced laboratory capabilities available for drug development, discovery, and pre-clinical research.

The closing ceremony witnessed the presence of key figures, including Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Moneim, Dean of the Faculty of Science at GU, Dr. Ayman Diab, Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Dr. Abdel-Bary Prince, Chairman of the Competition and Professor of Biotechnology at Cairo University, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Husseiny, Director of the Biotechnology Program at GU.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Moneim opened the competition activities with a welcoming speech, emphasizing the significance of biotechnology in realizing “Egypt’s Vision 2030” and its pivotal role in addressing economic challenges. The competing students showcased innovative solutions to various problems using diverse biotechnology techniques. A distinguished jury, comprising professors from Egyptian universities spanning medicine, pharmacy, science, biotechnology, the Military Medical School, and the Faculty of Agriculture, evaluated the presentations.

Out of 250 participating students and researchers in the pre-final round, the jury selected five exceptional research teams to advance to the final round. Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 14, 2023, when the final showdown will take place at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Biotechnology Creativity Competition!