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GU Molecular Biotechnology Students Shine in International Internship at University of Life Sciences, King Mihai I, Timisoara, Romania

From May 22nd to 27th, 2024, nine students from GU, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Hussein, Molecular Biotechnology program director, embarked on an enriching internship at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Life Sciences, King Mihai I, Timisoara, Romania. This incredible opportunity was made possible by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by both universities.

During this immersive internship, the students explored various departments and laboratories, gaining valuable insights and hands-on experience. They began their journey at the Department of Agricultural Technologies during the Field Day Exhibition at the Agricultural Research and Development Station Lovrin, where they learned about modern agricultural techniques.

In the Interdisciplinary Research Platform at ULST, the students conducted spectrophotometric analysis, examining the effect of essential oils on albumin denaturation. Their exploration continued in the Department of Biology and Plant Protection, where they visited labs focused on Botany, Plant Protection, Comparative Anatomy, Zoology, and Human Anatomy. They viewed butterfly and insect collections, prepared fresh plant organ samples, and examined various specimens microscopically. Additionally, they discussed the main species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds found in Romania.

A highlight of their experience was studying the biodiversity of the Bega River alongside first-year Biology students during a vaporetto ride. In the Department of Soil Sciences, the students identified soil profiles in the field and collected soil samples. They also gained expertise in using drones and modern geospatial data collection methods in precision agriculture at the Department of Sustainable Development and Environmental Engineering.

They also participated in the International Staff Week – Sustainable Erasmus+ and the International Conference on Biodiversity. Here, they presented scientifically valuable articles and networked with professors from over 25 countries.

This internship was a week full of intensive activities, blending innovative research methods with practical fieldwork. GU is incredibly grateful to all colleagues involved for their unwavering commitment and support in making this experience possible.