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Galala University Students Lead the Way in Sustainable Fashion During Youth Exchange Program in Albania

Aligning with our vision to promote cultural exchange and sustainable fashion innovation, students from the Textile & Apparel Design Program at GU participated in the first Youth Exchange Program from the Second Chance Project in Albania. The seven-day program hosted young participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, and Slovenia engaging in a diverse range of activities designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and intercultural understanding.

The program included interactive workshops on sustainable fashion and traditional weaving techniques, as well as insightful lectures on the environmental impact of the fashion industry. These sessions were led by experts in the field, providing participants with valuable knowledge and hands-on experience.

In addition to the educational activities, students had the opportunity to explore Albania’s rich cultural heritage through organized sightseeing excursions and intercultural evenings, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of Albania’s traditions and history.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, President of Galala University, expressed his pride in the students’ achievements and emphasized the importance of such exchange programs in broadening students’ horizons and equipping them with the skills needed to drive sustainable practices in the fashion industry. He noted that this initiative aligns with the university’s commitment to sustainability and cultural exchange, reinforcing Galala University’s role as a leader in innovative educational programs.

The Youth Exchange Program not only provided students with practical skills and knowledge but also facilitated meaningful connections between young people from different cultural backgrounds, promoting a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.