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Galala University Simulation Training Center obtains the international accreditation certificate from the American Heart Association

The Galala University Simulation Training Center has obtained the international accreditation certificate from the American Heart Association (AHA). This recognition designates the center as an accredited international hub, dedicated to providing high-quality training programs in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (BLS). The center’s mission includes promoting CPR culture to help reduce mortality rates from sudden cardiac arrest in Egyptian society.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, President of Galala University, praised this achievement, stating: “The international accreditation of our Simulation Training Center by the American Heart Association (AHA) reflects our administration’s vision and commitment to excellence in all fields. We strive to apply international concepts and methods in teaching and training to prepare our students for the local, regional, and international labor markets. This accreditation will enhance the skills of both medical staff and university students through specialized training and qualification courses.”

Major General Dr. Yasser Al-Sayed, Director of Training Centers at Galala University, added that the center is equipped with state-of-the-art education and training infrastructure, meeting international standards and specifications. The center boasts the best training devices and equipment, including medical models that simulate real patients, advanced display screens, and artificial intelligence tools that help evaluate students’ performance during their training.

Dr. Sarah Kamal, Director of the Simulation Training Center at Galala University, confirmed that the appropriate personnel have been meticulously prepared to work in the center. After completing intensive courses provided by the American Heart Association, the center aims to train 200 BLS service providers annually. These trainees will graduate with internationally recognized certifications, enhancing their skills to meet global standards. Details regarding course dates and booking procedures will be announced soon on the Galala University website.

The Simulation Training Center at Galala University, established in 2022, offers a safe and controlled environment for students in health-related fields, including medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and applied health sciences technology. This setting allows healthcare professionals to hone their skills and gain expertise without posing any risks to real patients.