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Galala University Seniors Shine at Graduation Project Discussion Day

On Monday, June 23rd , 2024, Galala University celebrated a significant milestone with the highly anticipated Graduation Project Discussion Day for the Faculty of Media Production, TV Production Department. This event provided the graduating students an opportunity to present their final projects and showcase their talents to a distinguished panel of experts.

The committee, comprising renowned leaders from various media and digital transformation fields, included:

MS. Naila Farouk – President of Egyptian Television
MS. Fatima Shaarawy – Al-Ahram Editorial Director and Head of the Drama and Television Department
MR. Abdel-Jawad Abu Kab – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Media and Digital Transformation Foundation
MR. Mohamed Abdel Rahman – Head of Media.com

Throughout the day, the committee reviewed and assessed the projects, acknowledging the impressive work and dedication displayed by the students. The committee members praised the projects. They also expressed optimism about the future, commending both the faculty and the university for their role in nurturing such talented individuals.

In her remarks, Naila Farouk highlighted the innovative approaches and creative solutions presented by the students, emphasizing the potential impact on the media industry. Fatima Shaarawy noted the depth of research and the professional quality of the projects, reflecting the high standards upheld by the university.

Abdel-Jawad Abu Kab and Mohamed Abdel Rahman also lauded the students’ efforts, predicting a bright future for the graduates and expressing confidence in their ability to contribute significantly to the fields of media and digital transformation.

As the day concluded, it was evident that the Graduation Project Discussion Day was not just a celebration of academic achievement but also a testament to the promising future of the media and digital transformation industry. The seniors have indeed set a high bar, and their work promises to bring innovation and excellence to the forefront.