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GU Students Honored for Media Coverage During Ramadan Drama 2024

Today, the Faculty of Media Production at Galala University celebrated students’ outstanding contributions to media coverage during Ramadan Drama 2024. Hosted by the National Council for Women, the ceremony awarded certificates of honor to participants of the Media Observatory.

The event highlighted the exceptional efforts of the students in monitoring and analyzing media content throughout the Ramadan season. Their work, which focused on providing insightful and comprehensive coverage of Ramadan dramas, showcased their dedication and skill in the field of media production.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, President of Galala University, commended the students for their hard work and achievements. He emphasized the importance of such initiatives in fostering practical experience and professional growth among students, preparing them for future careers in media and communication.

This recognition is a testament to the high standards of education and training provided by the Faculty of Media Production at Galala University, encouraging students to continue excelling in their academic and professional endeavors.