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Computer Information Systems Dual Degree Study Plan

Computer Information System Program (Dual Degree)

Semester 1

Code Course Name Credit Hours
BIS111 Computer Applications and Information Technology 3
MAT235 Brief Calculus 3
SOC112 Introduction to Sociology 3
PSC011 Intro to Law and Human Rights (HU and H and G) 2
VIA121 History of Art (HU and H and G) 2
LIB116 Research and Analytical Skills 2

Semester 2

Code Course Name Credit Hours
MAT236 Mathematics for Business Analysis 3
BIS241 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
PYS111 Introduction to Psychology 3
ECO113 Macroeconomic Principles 3
HIS111 History of Civilizations (HU and H and G) 2
MGT031 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2
LAN028 Critical Thinking 2

Semester 3

Code Course Name Credit Hours
ACC112 Uses of Accounting Information I 3
ECO114 Microeconomic Principles 3
LAN025 First-Year Composition 3
BIS223 Introduction to Information Systems 3
COM011 Communication Skills (SB and G) 2
CHE102 General Chemistry 4

Semester 4

Code Course Name Credit Hours
MAT335 Business Statistics 3
LAN026 First-Year Composition 3
COM017 Public Speaking 3
ACC122 Uses of Accounting Information II 3
GEO217 Climate Change and Sustainability (SB and G) 2
BIO100 The Living World 4

Semester 5

Code Course Name Credit Hours
MKT312 Marketing and Business Performance 3
MGT365 Intermediate Career Management 0.5
BIS341 Business Information Systems Development I 3
MGT313 Organization and Management Leadership 3
MGT337 Global Supply Operations 3
BIS242 Applications in Computer Programming 3
COM018 Elements of Intercultural Communication 3

Semester 6

Code Course Name Credit Hours
BIS233 Business Database Systems Development 3
MGT366 Junior Networking Foundations 0.25
MGT367 Problem Solving and Actionable Analytics 3
BIS342 Business Information System Development II 3
FIN212 Fundamentals of Finance 3
BIS344 Web Technologies for the Enterprise 3
BIS323 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3

Semester 7

Code Course Name Credit Hours
ECO452 Survey of International Economics 3
LAN027 Business Writing 3
BIS331 Business Intelligence 3
BIS413 Managing Cyber Risks in Enterprise Business Processes 3
BIS441 Mobile Platforms for Business 3
MGT363 Business Law and Ethics for Managers 3

Semester 8

Code Course Name Credit Hours
BIS453 Capstone in Information Systems 3
MGT463 Senior Career Transition Management 0.25
UNR012 Negotiation skills 2
BIS332 Data Analytics 3
LAN010 / LAN011 Arabic Language (G)
Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers (G)
MGT474 Capstone Course 3
MGT364 Organizational Ethics 3

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