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Yasser Mahgoub

Yasser Mahgoub

Director of Environment Development Unit


Dr. Yasser Mahgoub is a distinguished architect, educator, and researcher known for his contributions to the field of architecture and environmental development. He earned his Doctorate in Architecture from The University of Michigan, USA in 1990, establishing a strong academic foundation. Currently serving as the Director of the Environmental Development Unit at Galala University, Dr. Mahgoub has held various academic positions at esteemed institutions including Galala, Ain Shams, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Dar Al Hekma Universities. His extensive experience extends beyond academia as he actively practices as a professional architect and consultant. Within the academic realm, he imparts knowledge through teaching diverse subjects like design studios, research methods, environment and behavior, creativity and innovation, professional practice, and graduate-level courses. He has left an indelible mark in research, with numerous refereed research papers published in internationally respected journals and book chapters. His presence in international and regional conferences as both an attendee and paper presenter further highlights his commitment to knowledge dissemination and scholarly discourse.


Doctorate in Architecture from The University of Michigan, USA in 1990

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Area Of Research

Research interests include social and cultural aspects of architecture, sustainable architecture, architectural education and the impact of globalization on architecture


  • Co-create Government University Industry (GUI) Partnership
  • Engineering Curriculum for the 21st Century

Academic Positions

Assistant Professor of Architecture

Non-academic jobs

  • Director of Environmental Development Unit, Galala University