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Galala University organizes a symposium in cooperation with the National Council for Women to eliminate violence against women

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shianwi, GU Acting President, the Unit for Equal Opportunities (EOU) at GU held a symposium entitled “Eliminating Violence against Women” in cooperation with the National Council for Women, and under the supervision of Dr. Dina Orabi, Director of EOU.

Prof. Dr. El Shinawi said that this symposium is the first in a series of awareness seminars conducted by the unit, as it aims to raise awareness of women’s issues and contribute to finding solutions to face the phenomena of violence against women.

A discussion was held on the role of the National Council for Women in fighting violence where Prof. Dr. Salma Dowara, Dean of the Field of Medicine at GU, and a member of the Health and Population Committee of the National Council for Women, delivered a lecture entitled “Violence and Women’s Health”. Dr. Salma clarified the definition of violence against women, the magnitude of the problem and its causes, services provided to victims, and legal protection for women.

Dr. Dina Orabi, Director of the Equal Opportunities Unit, stressed the importance of the unit’s role in defining the phenomenon of violence in the Egyptian society and proposing solutions to reduce this phenomenon.

At the end of the seminar, the guest speakers listened to the students’ questions and answered them, giving the students the necessary insights for this cause.

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