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Galala University Hosts ” Plasma For Life ” A National Project Event Focusing on Plasma Donation

Tue, October 31, 2023
Galala University hosted a seminar today highlighting the national project for plasma derivatives led by the Egyptian Ministry of Health. Major General Doctor Magdy Amin Mubarak, Chairman and Managing Director of Grifols Egypt for Plasma Derivatives, delivered a keynote address on the importance of plasma donations and the lifesaving medicines derived from plasma.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, President of Galala University, welcomed this informative and transformative event, highlighting the significance of such discussions in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Plasma contains proteins used to manufacture critical medicines for patients with chronic or rare diseases like primary immunodeficiencies, bleeding disorders, hepatitis, and more. Dr. Mubarak emphasized the differences between blood and plasma donations, noting plasma can be donated more frequently.

“Plasma medicines save thousands of lives every year. This national project will help Egypt achieve self-sufficiency in meeting demand for these critical drugs while also creating jobs in the biopharma sector,” said Dr. Mubarak. “We hope to encourage more plasma donations through awareness and appreciate all plasma donors for their life-giving gift.”

The seminar covered the rigorous safety standards and screening processes for plasma collection, aimed at ensuring donor and patient safety. Dr. Mubarak also clarified common myths and facts about plasma donations and plasma-derived medicines.

The session concluded with a lively Q&A where attendees gained further insight into the patient impact, medical value and national importance of plasma-derived drugs. GU remains committed to supporting healthcare initiatives and innovations that improve quality of life for all Egyptians.