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GU Hosts Major General Samir Farag in a Seminar titled “Challenges of Egyptian National Security

Galala University organized a seminar titled “Challenges of Egyptian National Security”.  The event was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President, Prof. Dr. Ehab Hassanien, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hanno, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Rana Zeidan, University General Secretary, along with deans, program directors, administrators, and a large number of students. The seminar focused on enlightening students about the critical issues and challenges facing Egypt’s national security.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi welcomed Major General Samir Farag, praising his extensive experience in both military and civil spheres. The seminar aimed to enhance the students’ awareness about the philosophy of modern warfare and the various aspects impacting Egypt’s security, politically and economically.

During the seminar, Major General Samir Farag shared his insights on the importance of being aware of misinformation and mind manipulation tactics, often referred to as fourth-generation warfare. He discussed the external threats to Egypt’s national security, its relations with the Western and Arab countries, and highlighted the regional risks and challenges.

He also stressed the importance of supporting the state’s political leadership in the face of significant and challenging times. He highlighted the attempts by some Western countries to destabilize Arab nations and the success of these plots in disrupting the security and stability of neighboring countries, asserting Egypt’s strength and resilience.

Dr. Ehab Hassanien concluded the event by taking Major General Samir Farag on a tour of the university campus, including the medical and dental faculties and the conference hall, showcasing the university’s advancements and its role in shaping a bright future for Egypt’s youth.

To conclude the visit, Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi presented Major General Samir Farag with the university’s shield, expressing gratitude for his participation and his first visit to the university, enriching the students’ educational experience.

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