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In collaboration with NACHM, GU’s Faculty of Medicine Hosts a Workshop on Human Microbiota and Health

The Faculty of Medicine at GU proudly hosted a groundbreaking three-day workshop titled “Human Microbiota and Health: Bioinformatics Application and Modulatory Factors” from November 12th– 14th. This event brought together experts and scientists from the field to share their scientific expertise in the world of human microbiota and its impact on health.

In collaboration with the North African Consortium of Human Microbiota (NACHM), a consortium derived from MICAfrica (HORIZON 2020), this joint activity aimed to foster knowledge exchange and promote scientific advancements in the study of the human gut microbiome. Renowned scientists from North Africa and France gathered at GU to present their latest research findings on the roles of the human gut microbiome in maintaining health and its implications for disease prevention and treatment.

The workshop featured engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and hands-on training sessions on Bioinformatics tools and technology applications. Participants had the unique opportunity to investigate the intricacies of Bioinformatics and explore its applications in analyzing the complex data associated with the human microbiota. Through practical training, attendees enhanced their skills and gained valuable insights into the emerging field of microbiome research.

We are immensely proud of the commitment and dedication of all the participants. At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant was awarded a certificate of completion, recognizing their hard work and exceptional contribution to the field of human microbiota research.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the organizers, speakers, and participants for making this workshop a resounding success. This collaboration between GU and NACHM has paved the way for future endeavors in understanding the intricate relationship between the human microbiome and health.

You can check the agenda of each day through clicking on the required day below:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3