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A New Era of You: Unleashing Your Personal Branding Superpowers through LinkedIn

Monday, December 4th, 2023

Students at Galala University were treated to an insightful LinkedIn workshop by personal branding expert, Dr. Ahmed Awwara. His session, titled “A New Era of You: Unleashing Your Personal Branding Superpowers through LinkedIn,” explored innovative strategies to build a strong professional online presence that accurately reflects one’s skills, values and career ambitions.

Dr. Awwara highlighted the growing importance of personal branding in today’s highly networked world, where most recruitment opportunities and industry connections are facilitated online. An impactful LinkedIn profile that clearly communicates one’s unique strengths and aspirations can give candidates a leading edge in the job market.

Through practical tips and real-world examples, Dr. Awwara guided attendees in crafting strong LinkedIn headlines, summaries and experience descriptions that catches attention. He shared valuable insider techniques to expand one’s network in a genuine, mutually beneficial way. Students gained understanding of impactful visual branding elements like profile and cover images.

The theme emphasized ensuring one’s personal brand to get to their true objectives while aligning with career goals. Dr. Awwara stressed that an accurate, relatable online presence makes connections that helps in real career progression.

Equipped with these personal branding superpowers, students left feeling empowered to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn and create their own success. Dr. Awwara’s insights marked the beginning of a new era of career possibilities powered by strategic personal branding.