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Based on the presidential “Haya Karima” initiative, GU signs a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development

Sunday, December 24th, 2023

GU has signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development regarding the development of underprivileged villages under the presidential “Haya Karima” initiative. The protocol was signed by Dr. Ahmed Kamaly, Deputy Minister of Planning, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President. It was signed on behalf of the ministry by Dr. Jameel Helmy, Assistant Minister for Sustainable Development Plan Follow-up, and on behalf of the university by Prof. Dr. Ehab Hassanein, GU Vice President for Academic Affairs.

During the signing ceremony, Dr. Kamaly outlined Egypt Vision 2030, which aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He emphasized the strategic objective on governance and partnerships, which promotes collaborations to achieve developmental goals, mirroring SDG #17.

Dr. Kamaly stressed that development requires collective efforts between government, private sector, civil society and academia. He said the ministry seeks more partnerships especially with academia.

Regarding the “Haya Karima” initiative, Dr. Kamaly explained it is the world’s largest development project, aiming to improve the lives of over 58% of Egypt’s rural population. He reiterated the importance of inclusive, sustainable development for all societal groups.

Prof. Dr. El Shinawi commended the ministry’s efforts in unifying state institutions to serve underprivileged families through the “Haya Karima” initiative. He said the protocol reflects the significance of partnerships in planning and implementation by sharing vision and goals.

The two sides agreed to offer training programs, workshops and seminars to exchange academic and administrative expertise across sectors. Prof. Dr. El Shinawi affirmed Galala University’s commitment to be part of the “Haya Karima” initiative by jointly providing developmental and societal services to realize Egypt Vision 2030.

Prof. Dr. El Shinawi expressed pride in Galala University being the first university in Egypt to sign a cooperation protocol on the “Haya Karima” initiative. He highlighted the university’s rapid growth and emerging status as a leading national university driving research and international partnerships.

This agreement exemplifies the shared vision between the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and Galala University to uplift rural communities in alignment with national development goals.