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GU Highlights Major Activities and Achievements of 2023

December 31, 2023

By the beginning of a new year, Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President, emphasized that the university executed numerous activities and events at the conclusion of its third year, 2022-2023. Galala University ranked first among national universities and 19th among all Egyptian universities according to the Arab University Ranking. It also attained the 55th spot among Arab universities.

Prof. Dr. El Shinawi revealed that the university has 17 research projects, including 14 funded projects and 3 proposals under review. This reflects Galala’s vision to connect scientific research with practical application at local, regional and global levels, per the national higher education strategy under the auspices of H.E. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The year commenced by welcoming a delegation from the globally ranked Arizona State University, USA to explore a first-of-its-kind Egyptian-American partnership in 8 academic programs spanning engineering, computer science, business, marketing, information systems and sports management. Students can earn degrees from both Galala and ASU without leaving Egypt, saving approximately 75% of costs.

Prof. Dr. El Shinawi added that GU provides diverse cultural exposure through its programs and is exploring collaborations with universities in Belgium, Hungary and more. The university also hosted Hiroshima University, Japan, to strengthen cooperation such as Hiroshima sending 15 University lecturer to GU in engineering, dentistry and other fields. Further, GU signed cooperation protocols with several universities, research centers, industry partners, NGOs and banks, totalling 14 international partnerships, 18 academic collaborations and 13 industry partnerships in its third year.

The university organized numerous workshops, seminars, competitions, field trips and summer internships with over 25 companies to link academia with practical training. Over 300 students also attained part-time employment across various administrative units. Other highlights include student union elections, digital transformation certifications, hosting the Leadership Week for private/technological universities and an introductory session on the EU Interreg NEXT MED regional cooperation program.

GU students won first place among 18 universities in the technology track of the Entrepreneurship Rally Egypt competition. Students from the arts and design fields earned top ranks in a national graphic design contest organized with Graphic Design bil Arabi magazine. The university also activated cooperation with the Egyptian National Library to provide a mobile library with over 600 books monthly for students.

Under community service initiatives, the university welcomed outstanding students with disabilities who received USAID scholarships to enroll in the dual degree business administration program with ASU. GU students volunteer to assist them through the Equal Opportunities Unit.

Students organized the “Galala Al Kheir” campaign to distribute Ramadan bags for Galala city workers. Multiple blood donation drives were conducted in collaboration with the Regional Blood Bank, latest for Palestinian brethren. Awareness campaigns were launched for breast cancer, with screening facilities for early detection. Free medical days were held for diabetes and blood pressure screening. Lectures covered topics like national security challenges and positive thinking.

Prof. Dr. El Shinawi stated that GU currently has over 8600 students across engineering, architecture, computer science, business, arts, media production, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, basic sciences, physical therapy, nursing, applied health sciences and more. 41 academic programs were offered in 13 fields during the 2022 – 2023 academic year, with additional programs planned.

The remarkable scale-up of the university in a few years spotlights its success in realizing national goals of contributing to Egypt’s human capital, research and innovation, and collaborative ethos to create value for society.