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Techne Drifts at Galala University: A Day of Inspiration and Connection hosted by Faculty of Administrative Sciences

Galala University witnessed an extraordinary event on Thursday, February 22nd, as Techne Drifts landed with a resounding impact. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as a diverse crowd of aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned mentors, and industry experts converged for a day filled with enlightenment, collaboration, and the ignition of innovative ideas.

The day kicked off with a captivating keynote address delivered by Prof. Dr. Nagwa Samak, the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. Prof. Samak set the tone for the day, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Throughout the event, attendees were introduced to a series of enriching workshops covering essential topics such as pitching techniques, fundraising strategies, and navigating the intricacies of the startup ecosystem. Each session provided valuable insights and actionable advice, sparking lively discussions and prompting participants to delve deeper into their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Techne Drifts has undoubtedly left a lasting mark on Galala University, igniting a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship that will continue to thrive long after the event’s conclusion.