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GU Faculty of Administrative Sciences Hosts “Siemens Technology Day” on Campus

In an exciting collaboration between GU and Siemens Technology, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences recently organized ‘Siemens Technology Day” on the university campus. The event aimed to provide valuable insights into Siemens’ digital transformation, sustainability initiatives, and the vision of creating a Smart-Digital-Green (SDG) society.

The Siemens Technology Day welcomed distinguished representatives from Siemens, including Eng. Shérif El-Naggar, the Director of Siemens Digital Industry. Eng. El-Naggar delivered an engaging session titled “Siemens Digital Transformation and Product Life Management (PLM),” where he shared valuable knowledge and experiences on how Siemens has successfully embraced digitalization to drive innovation and efficiency.

Another keynote speaker was Eng. Atheer Osama, who delivered a session titled “Introduction to Sustainability.” Eng. Osama shed light on the importance of sustainable practices in the corporate world and how Siemens is actively contributing to building a greener future through its initiatives and technologies.

Dr. Hany Moustapha, the CEO of SDG Innovation Network in Canada, and also the Director of GU Knowledge and Transfer Center (KTTC), delivered a captivating session titled “Towards a Smart-Digital-Green (SDG) Society,” where he discussed the significance of integrating smart technologies, digitalization, and sustainability to create a society that is environmentally conscious and technologically advanced.

The Siemens Technology Day was attended by a diverse audience, including students, professors, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts. The sessions provided attendees with invaluable insights into the latest advancements in digitalization, product life management, sustainability practices, and the potential of a Smart-Digital-Green society.

The successful collaboration between GU and Siemens Technology not only fostered knowledge exchange but also strengthened the ties between academia and industry. The Siemens Technology Day served as a platform for students and professionals to explore potential career paths, gain inspiration, and envision a future driven by technological advancements and sustainability