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In collaboration with Leaders of Tomorrow, GU hosts a workshop titled ” Grow Today, Lead Tomorrow “

Galala University, in a distinctive partnership with Leaders of Tomorrow, proudly hosted an enriching workshop titled “Grow Today, Lead Tomorrow” on campus.
This event, characterized by its innovative approach towards personal and professional development, brought together key figures from the pharmaceutical industry to share their insights and experiences with the future leaders of the field.

Prof. Amira Abdel Motaal, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, welcomed the esteemed guests including Dr. Mohamed Sweilam, Roche General Manager, Dr. Ehab Youssef, Area Head for Europe, North Area – Roche, Dr. Ahmed Kishta, Director of Corporate Affairs – AstraZeneca Egypt, Dr. Tamer Abbas, Area HR Director for Middle East-Africa, Turkey – Johnson & Johnson Consumer, and Dr. Sameh Elbagoury, General Manager of Sandoz (Egypt, Libya). These industry experts led a series of insightful sessions focused on self-development, facing future challenges with confidence, and the essence of leadership.

The workshop highlighted the university’s commitment to not just academic excellence but also to preparing students who are ready to innovate and lead in a rapidly evolving world. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers during a Q&A session, facilitating a deeper understanding of the industry’s expectations and the critical skills required to succeed.
Galala University’s initiative to host such an influential event reinforces its vision to nurture not just academically proficient graduates but future innovators and leaders.