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GU organizes a seminar on managing neck and back pain

Galala University recently hosted an informative seminar on “Back and Neck Pain: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention,” conducted by Professor Usama Rashad, Dean of the faculty of Physical Therapy. This event marked a significant milestone in the university’s commitment to enhancing community health, focusing on the prevalent issues of neck and back pain that affect a vast number of individuals.

The seminar provided attendees with critical insights into the root causes of such discomfort, notably the impact of daily postures and habits. Professor Rashad offered an array of treatment options and preventive measures aimed at alleviating pain and improving life quality. The emphasis on practical strategies for prevention highlighted the importance of maintaining spinal health through awareness and proactive care.

This initiative reflects Galala University’s dedication to promoting well-being among its community members, serving as an educational platform for students, faculty, and the broader community eager to learn about managing neck and back pain. The engaging discussions fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging participants to share experiences and seek advice.

By organizing such impactful events, Galala University strengthens its role as a leading institution committed to public health, reinforcing its mission to enhance community health through education, research, and engagement.