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GU Hosts the Second International Innovation Forum celebrating the inauguration of the Knowledge and Innovation Hub

Galala University has successfully organized the Second International Innovation Forum under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This pivotal event brought together leading universities and research institutions to discuss and develop innovative solutions for global challenges in smart cities, digital transformation, and green technology.

The forum, which is part of a significant partnership between the Egyptian Smart University Network (eSUN) and the Smart Green Innovation Network (SDG), was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, President of Galala University. Among the attendees were Prof. Dr. Ehab Hassanein, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hanno, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Dr. Rana Zeidan, GU General Secretary, along with deans, program directors, faculty members, and students from various disciplines.

Esteemed academics and distinguished guests from Arab and foreign universities were also part of this grand assembly. Among them were Dr. Nadia Nihan, Chief Academic Officer of Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, Dr. Omar Elfandi, Dean of the College of Technological Innovation, and Dr. Fatma Taher, Director of the Next Generation Technology Center at Zayed University, showcasing the international collaboration and exchange of ideas that the forum facilitated.

The day also witnessed the inauguration of GU’s Knowledge and Innovation Hub which comprises seven centers including the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Center (KTTC) headed by Dr. Hany Moustapha, head of the Canadian Universities Alliance for the Fifth Industrial Revolution. Dr. Moustapha expressed his delight over the active participation of major international companies like Microsoft and Siemens. These companies provided insightful lectures on artificial intelligence and sustainability applications in technology, further enriching the forum’s discourse.

This event not only underscores Galala University’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration but also its role in inspiring other Egyptian and Arab universities to pursue joint research projects and student exchange programs, making it a beacon of inspiration in the academic and research community.