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Galala University Graphic Design Students Explore Artistic Inspiration at Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum

A group of third-year students enrolled in Galala University’s Graphic Design and Multimedia program, along with their instructor, Dr. Reem Assem, embarked on an educational visit to the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum. Dr. Assem, who teaches Art History and Civilization, aimed to provide her students with a firsthand experience of the artistic treasures housed within the museum’s walls.

The students were fortunate to be joined by artist Iman Tawfik, the museum’s deputy, who served as their guide throughout the tour. Ms. Tawfik’s expertise undoubtedly enriched the experience for the students, offering them valuable insights into the artworks and the artistic movements they represent.

The Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum is renowned for its extensive collection of Egyptian and European art. The students likely had the opportunity to marvel at masterpieces by renowned Egyptian artists like Mahmoud Said and Mohamed Nagi, alongside European greats such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Auguste Rodin.

This visit undoubtedly served as a valuable learning experience for the graphic design students, fostering a deeper appreciation for art history and its potential influence on their own creative endeavors.