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GU Signs Strategic Cooperation Protocol with iMed-Healthineers Academy to Enhance Professional Education in Applied Health

Aligning with GU’s commitment to enhancing professional education and training opportunities across various fields, including Engineering, Art, Pharmacy, Medicine, AI, and Applied Health Sciences Technology, Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, President of GU, has signed a strategic cooperation protocol with Eng.Shady Zohdy, The Head of iMed-Healthineers Academy in Egypt.
This partnership aims to integrate professional academic content and real experiments with practical training for students in the Applied Health field, equipping them with cutting-edge technological skills.

The signing highlighted GU’s dedication to providing students with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the local, regional, and global labor markets.
Prof. Dr. El-Shinawi emphasized the significance of this collaboration in ensuring that GU students are well-prepared for the future, with hands-on experience and advanced technical knowledge in Applied Health.

The collaboration will involve joint programs, workshops, and seminars designed to provide comprehensive training and skill development for GU students. This initiative underscores GU’s role in contributing to Egypt’s Vision 2030 by fostering educational excellence and technological proficiency among its students.