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GU’s Architectural Design and Digital Architecture Program Hosts Successful Workshop as Part of TRANSABE-EDU Project

GU’s Architectural Design and Digital Architecture Program headed by Prof. Affaf Aloufy, Dean of the Engineering Sector, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of our recent workshop, which was part of the transformative TRANSABE-EDU project, funded by the British Council. This event focused on the collaboration in transnational education between Galala University and Northumbria University.

This initiative marks a significant step forward in providing exceptional educational opportunities for students through a Dual Master’s Degree program. During the workshop, we delved into the details of this groundbreaking partnership, which aims to bridge educational gaps and create pathways for academic excellence.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, GU President, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in paving the way for innovative educational practices and opening new horizons for Egyptian students, preparing them for global challenges and opportunities. The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the program, highlighting its potential to transform the educational landscape and equip students with the skills needed for future success.

This collaboration between GU and Northumbria University demonstrates our commitment to advancing education and fostering international partnerships. We are confident that this Dual Master’s Degree program will significantly benefit our students, enhancing their academic and professional prospects on a global scale.