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Amira Wasfy

Amira Wasfy

Assistant  Professor


Dr. Amira’s career in academia spans over two decades, marked by her dedication to teaching and scholarly pursuits. Currently, she serves as a faculty member at Galala University in Egypt, where she has been employed for the past two years.

At Galala University, Dr. Amira teaches a variety of courses aimed at developing students’ critical thinking skills and enhancing their academic writing abilities. In the UR Department, she instructs courses such as ‘Critical Thinking,’ ‘Academic Writing,’ and ‘English 1.’ Additionally, within the faculty of Media Production, she teaches ‘English Media Conversation’ and ‘Translation in Media Use,’ where she imparts her expertise in language and communication to students preparing for careers in media.

Prior to her current position, Dr. Amira held teaching positions at several esteemed institutions. She spent 19 years at Canadian International College (CIC), the Cairo campus of Cape Breton University, where she contributed to the academic development of students through courses in English, Introduction to Literature and Linguistics, Critical Thinking, and Media Psychology. Before her tenure at CIC, Dr. Amira taught at the University of Ottawa for an additional 19 years, where she continued to foster students’ language skills and critical thinking abilities. She also spent three years at Misr International University (MIU), further expanding her teaching repertoire to include a diverse range of subjects.

Throughout her career, Dr. Amira’s passion for education and her commitment to student success have been evident in her teaching methodology and engagement with students. Her extensive experience in teaching English at all levels, coupled with her expertise in critical thinking and media studies, makes her a valuable asset to the academic community. Dr. Amira’s dedication to nurturing students’ intellectual growth and fostering a dynamic learning environment underscores her contribution to higher education.


PhD in English Literature


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English Literature

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