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Eman Soliman

Eman Soliman




Dr. Eman M. Soliman brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her role as an assistant professor at Galala University, Faculty of Media Production. With a Ph.D. in political and international communication, her research interests span diverse and crucial areas including Nation Branding, Infodemic, Information Warfare, and Global Communication.

Dr. Soliman’s academic journey has seen her teach at various universities in Egypt, where she has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on her students through her passion for communication studies. Furthermore, her commitment to academic exchange and international collaboration is evident through her participation in the Erasmus Mobility Program at the Institut für Medienwissenschaft, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany. This experience has undoubtedly enriched her perspective and enhanced her teaching and research capabilities.

As a SUSI Fellow at Arizona State University, Dr. Soliman has had the opportunity to engage with leading scholars and researchers in the field of communication studies, further expanding her knowledge and network within the academic community.

Dr. Soliman’s dedication to advancing knowledge and understanding in her field is also reflected in her active participation in local and international conferences, workshops, and research projects. Her contributions to these endeavors not only contribute to the academic discourse but also have the potential to influence policy and practice in the areas of communication and media production.

Overall, Dr. Eman M. Soliman’s multidisciplinary expertise, coupled with her commitment to teaching, research, and academic exchange, make her a valuable asset to Galala University and the broader academic community. Her work in exploring critical issues in communication and media production serves to advance understanding and promote informed discourse in an increasingly interconnected world.


Area Of Research

International Communication, Nation Branding, Health Communication, Political Communication

Academic Positions

  • Student Advisor Media Production Program
  • Member in the International committee