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Gamal Elkheshen is an Egyptian Lecturer and visual artist, born in 1988 and raised in Cairo, Egypt. In 2010, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Graphic Design Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Zamalek. He acquired his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and PhD from the same university. He had his PhD under the title “The Philosophy values of drawings in postmodernism” Dr. Gamal studies focusing on contemporary and digital technology studies. 

He had exhibited his artwork in many International exhibitions, and he was being nominated to represent Egypt at the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 56th in May 2015 under the name “CAN YOU SEE?”

He shows his artwork too in lots of other International exhibitions and local ones as well; He had three solo exhibitions in Cairo, Dubai, and Berlin. Dr. Gamal attends many workshops and art residencies as well. His artwork focuses on visual arts such as drawing, painting, digital print, engraving and Installation, Video Art. 


  • Ph.D. in fine arts – graphic design, Helwan University. 2019

Graphic Designs and Visual

  • Graphic Designs and Visual


  • Gamal Elkheshen

List of Publications

  1. “The Digital Revolution and Ideologies of Thought and Creativity in Graphic Arts”
  2. The Journal of Art & Architecture Research Studies – JAARS Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020) Click here
  3. “Pixel art as a visual stimulus in graphic arts” The Journal of Art & Architecture Research Studies – JAARS Vol. 2 No. 3 (2021) Click here
  4. Other Academic researches available Online here 

Awards & Honorable Mentions

  1. 2016 The First Prize of the Egyptian Youth salon “Installation Project” 
  2. 2015 The prize of representing the Egyptian pavilion art Venice biennale 56. 
  3. 2014 The First Prize of the Egyptian Youth salon. 
  4. 2012 The second prize of the international biennale of watercolor, Fba, Fabriano, Italy.



    • 2020 “INFERNO CHAPTER” the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt.
    • 2019 “CROSS THE WORLD” at Gezira Art Centre, Cairo, Egypt. 
    • 2017 “The DARK FLOWERS” at BA Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 
    • 2016 “End of Season”. at Gallery Misr, Cairo, Egypt.
    • 2015 “The Other Side of Blue” at South London gallery, South London, UK.


    •  2021 The First Salon of contemporary arts, Cairo, Egypt. 
    • 2021 The National Exhibition, Arts Palace, Cairo, Egypt. 
    • 2021 The Digital Festival Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt. 
    • 2020 Florence Biennale – International Biennial of Contemporary Art.
    • 2020 The first edition of Cairo art fair, Cairo, Egypt.
    • 2020 Jeddah Art Fair, Hafez Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
    • 2019 The International Nord Art Exhibition, Büdelsdorf, Germany. 
    • 2019 Orth Contemporary gallery, the Vanity of Earthly Achievements, , curated by Griff Williams, Tulsa Oki, London, UK. 
    • 2019 Gallery 16, Your Lost Shoe, or Everything that happened Since the Last Time, San Francisco, United states. 
    • 2019 Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy. · 2018 Video Art installation, Media Art festival, Cairotronica, Egypt. 
    • 2018 The Egyptian academy in Rome, Rome, Italy.
    • 2018 Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE. 
    • 2018 Tokyo International Mini – Print Triennial, Tokyo, Japan. 
    • 2017 The Media Art Exhibition, VITRINE Art Basel, Miami, USA. 
    • 2017 Agenda Art Exhibition, Bib-Alex, Alexandria, Egypt. 
    • 2017 Group of Artists, Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy. 
    • 2017 Drawing exhibition, Darb17, 18, Cairo, Egypt. 
    • 2017 Upper Egypt Salon, Luxor, Egypt. 
    • 2017 The Intentional prints Exhibition of Miami prints gallery MPG, USA. 
    • 2016 The International Nord Art Exhibition 2016, Büdelsdorf, Germany. 
    • 2016 Agenda Art Exhibition, Bib-Alex, Alexandria, Egypt. 
    • 2016 Egyptian Youth Salon26, Cairo, Egypt. Won The Prize of the Youth Salon 27 “Installation Project” David Can’t is narrated.
    • 2016 The National Print Biennale, Cairo, Egypt. 
    • 2016 The Biennale Of Dai Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, Won the Prize of the Biennale. 
    • 2016 The Hidden Massage, Drawing Exhibition Art lounge, Cairo. 
    • 2016 The International Symposium of Electronic and New Media Arts Cairo-tronica “No Signal”. 
    • 2016 Egyptian artists Show- Egyptian Embassy in Lebanon. 
    • 2016 The Egyptian-Bulgarian exhibition at Sofia University, Bulgaria. 
    • Venice Biennale 56, Egyptian Pavilion, Venice, Italy. “Can You See?” 
    • 2015 Tokyo International Mini – Print Triennial, Tokyo, Japan.
    • 2015 Upper Egypt Salon, Luxor, Egypt. · 2015 Youth Salon, the Arts Palace, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt. 
    • 2015 Group of exhibition at Rom-Art gallery, Roma, Italy. 
    • 2015 North-South, European Union Art Culture Event .Discovering Egypt, the Art work Are collective from the Bib-Alex, Egypt. 
    • 2015 Agenda Art Exhibition, Bib-Alex, Alexandria, Egypt. 
    • 2014 Youth Salon, the Arts Palace, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt. 2014 International Biennale de Aquarelle, Fabriano, Italy. 
    • 2014 Group of exhibition at Green art Gallery, Dubai, UAE. 
    • 2014 Biennial of Small Graphic Form, Niklaas, Belgium. 
    • 2014 Gabrovo International Biennale of Humour and Satire in the Arts, Bulgaria. 
    • 2013 The BIMPE (Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition), Vancouver BC. 
    • 2013 National Biennial of Contemporary Prints, Spain. 
    • 2013 International Print Biennial ROC, Shanghai. 
    • 2012 Seoul International Print Biennale, South Korea. 
    • 2012 International Triennial Color in Graphic Art, Turin, Italy. 
    • 2012 Local arts exhibition events in Cairo. · 2011 International Biennale de Aquarelle, Fabriano, Italy.
    • 2011 lntergraflk Triennial of Engaged Graphic Art. 
    • 2011 The Icelandic Printmakers’ Association. CONFERENCES AND SYMPOSIUMS: 
    • 2021 Fayoum international symposium, Fayoum, Egypt. 
    • 2019 Barcelona Residency of Art | Sarrià, Group artist project. 
    • 2018 Luxor international symposium 2018, the 11th edition, Egypt.
    • 2017 Green Olive Arts international artist residency program, Morocco. 
    • 2016 Artists in Residency Program, Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery, Ustka, Poland.