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George Sedhom

George Sedhom

Assistant Professor of digital Media


George Latif Zaki Sedhom is an assistant professor of digital media at the faculty of media production at GALALA University – Egypt, with an applied background in multimedia since he graduated from the multimedia department at the International Academy for Engineering & Media Science, He was certified multimedia diploma from the Information Technology Institute in Egypt.  Besides his academic career, he has extensive experience as a motion graphics designer in local and multinational television channels and networks.

George is a frequent lecturer at many universities and institutes, teaching multimedia basics, communication technology, motion graphics tools, editing, visual effects, and 3D graphics designing, also he has a good IT background, and recently he has been involved in digital marketing and social media and he is working in this field intensively.


George is an expert in the interdisciplinary field between media science, digital art and computer science, and a motion graphics designer and also an expert video editor.

Expert in teaching the following academic courses

  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Motion Graphics for television production.
  • Digital effects for television
  • Basics of Graphics
  • Basics of Hologram
  • Virtual studios for television
  • Computer software applications in advertising
  • Digital Editing for Television
  • 3D graphics and animation
  • Digital Compositing
  • Communication Technology
  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Motion Graphics Programs (Photoshop – After Effects – Adobe Premiere)
  • Mobile Journalism (MOJO)
  • Communication Skills


Area Of Research

George is concentrating his research on interdisciplinary studies between mass communication practices  and visual art perspective and media technologies, also he published a book recently titled “TV Advertising and visual effects between Dazzling and Employment”.


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Academic Positions

Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the Media Production Program.

Non-academic jobs

  • Head of Graphics Dept. in Orbit TV network (OSN) – Nile Sat.
  • Founder of ZDesign Agency for Advertising and Digital Solutions. Worked technically as a motion graphics designer in many pharmaceutical events and TV ads., and is the main supplier of video production in Merck Serono for Pharmaceutical Industries.