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Maha Fouad

Maha Fouad

Lecturer of Fixed Prosthodontics Department


Maha Fouad is an accomplished professional with a Bachelor's degree in
Oral and Dental Medicine from Cairo University (1994), a Master's degree in
Science in Fixed Prosthodontics from Cairo University (2002), and a Doctoral
degree in Science in Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics from Ain-Shams
University (2012).
Her extensive teaching experience spans various universities, starting in
2012. Maha Fouad held leadership roles as the Head of the Fixed
Prosthodontics Department at ACU for five years and as the Director of the
Continuous Education Center at Ahram Canadian University.
Beyond teaching, Maha Fouad has made significant contributions in quality
assurance as a Co-director and has effectively managed CAD-CAM
operations. She is also recognized as a proficient speaker, both nationally
and internationally. Her adept communication skills, ability to excel under
pressure, and strong command of the English language enhance her
professional profile.


  • Quality Assurance Co-director, CAD-CAM Director, National and International Speaker, Having good Sociable and Scientific Communications skills, able to work under pressure, with good learning and teaching modalities.

  • Excellent English language speaking and writing.

Area Of Research

  • The prime research interest is woman’s & Newborn’s health 
  • High Risk Pregnancy & Nursing care related
  • Midwifery

Link To Publications

  • Mohamed A and Maha F: 2015, Effects of surface treatment and length of glass fiber post on the fracture resistance of
    endodontically treated teeth. E.D.J. Vol.61.No3. 2015
  • Mohamed A and Maha F: 2020, Effect of surface finishing protocols on color and translucency of zerconia reinforced
    lithium silicate glass ceramic after thermomechanical aging and different staining solutions. E.D.J. Vol.66. No4. October
  • Mohamed A and Maha F: 2021, Wear resistance and surface roughness on two types of monolithic glass ceramic: An In
    Vitro Study. E.D.J. Vol.67.No2. April 2021.
  • Maha F: 2022, Marginal and internal adaptation related to margin design of CAD/CAM ceramic crowns. Accepted for
    publishing EDJ 11/2022
  • Hadeel F and Maha F: 2022, Effects of varying bonding techniques on the fracture strength of occlusal veneer
    restorations made from hybrid ceramic and ceramic CAD/CAM materials. On press

Area of Research

Fixed Prosthodontics Materials, All ceramic restorations, Fracture strength of ceramic materials, Wear,

Marginal adaptation, color variation, Occlusal veneers bonding ability.


Supervised more than 20 graduation projects (research studies) For the 5th year students Faculty of Dentistry


Awards/Honorable Mentions

Many Certificates of Appreciation for Sharing by Attendance or Speaking or Organization of Many Scientific Days, Conferences, Events or Debates. Nationally and Internationally.

Academic Positions

  • Full Timer Lecturer of Fixed Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Galala University 1/10/2022 till now
  • Full Timer Lecturer of Fixed prosthodontics, Modern University for Technology and Information from 17/2/2022 till 30/9/2022.
    Lecturer (part time) of Fundamentals of Dental Technology, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Galala University 19/2/2022-till Now
  • Part Timer Lecturer of Fixed Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Galala University 1/10/2021-till 30/9/2022
  • Director of the Continuous Education Center Faculty of Dentistry, Ahram Canadian University from 1/11/2020 till 16/2/2022.
  • Head of Fixed Prosthodontics department. Ahram Canadian University from 1/3/2015-1/11/2020.
  • Full timer Lecturer of Fixed Prosthodontics Department. Ahram Canadian University from 9/2/2015 till 16/2/2022.
  • Full Timer Lecturer in Fixed Prosthodontics department in MUST University from 8/8/2012 till 8/2/2015.
  • Full Timer Assistant lecturer in Fixed Prosthodontics department in MUST University from 14/10/2010 till 8/8/2012.
  • Part Timer Assistant lecturer in Fixed Prosthodontics department in MUST. University from 2006 – 2008.
  • Full Timer Assistant lecturer in Fixed Prosthodontics Department for about two years in MUST. University from 25/10/2004 till 1/11/2006.

Non-academic Jobs

  • Manager and Operator of Unique Beauty Clinic (My Dental and Cosmetic clinic) from 2002 till now.


  • Supervisor of the Scientific Association of Dental Students, Faculty of Dentistry Ahram Canadian University from1/11/2016 till 16/2/2022.
  • Attending "Discover Implantology through failure and success" BIOTEC 1 st seminar in the Middle East in cooperation with BIOTEC International France. 9/6/2006
  • Attending "Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics Course", Presented By Prof. Dr. Rosenstiel. 15 the Alexandria International Dental Congress 18/11/2006.
    Attending "Basic Course Hands-on (Oral tronics)". ESSDI (Egyptian Scientific Society for Dental Implantologists). 7 Th
  • International Implantology Conference 10-12/April/2007.
  • Attending "All About CAD/CAM in One Day". Scientific Program of Fixed Prosthodontics Department, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. 18/June/2012.
  • Attending Advances in CAD/CAM Technology, Future University. 19/12/2012.
  • Attending “Greater New York Dental Meeting” New York – USA. 24-26/12/2014.
  • Attending “Facial Rejuvenation” 1 st International Conference Nahda University – Egypt & Glasgow University – UK. 30/10-2/11/2015.
  • Attending “Managing Institution Change” The American University In Cairo. 22/12/2015.
  • Attending Endodontic Rotary Workshop “3 rd Giza Dental Symposium”. 1/4/2016.
  • Attending “International Dental Show” Cologne – Germany. 21-25/3/2017.
  • Organizing and supervising the scientific event, The Debate, Ahram Canadian University. 3/5/2017.
  • Attending the 5 th International Dental Congress “Faculty Of Dentistry – Cairo University”. 4-7/4/2017.
  • Attending The 18 th International Dental Congress “Egyptian Dental Association”. 22-24/11/2017.
  • Attending a training course CAD/CAM in Bensheim Germany “Meditech Dentsply Sirona”. 8-16/3/2018.
  • Attending “Basic Digital Dental Photography Workshop” Ahram Canadian University. 25-27/6/2018.
  • Attending “The MENA Summit” CAD/CAM “Dentsply Sirona”. 27-29/9/2018.
  • Speaker at “The 1 st International Dental Congress Of Arab Dental Federation”. 12-14/12/2018.
  • Speaker at “The Annual Conference Of the 4 th Egyptian Dental Day” Kasr Al-Ainy Conference Center – Cairo University.1/3/2019.
  • Attending “International Dental Show” Cologne – Germany. 12-16/3/2019.
  • Attending “4 th International Giza Dental Symposium”. 17-19/4/2019.
  • Speaker at “The 3 rd Egyptian Fixed Prosthodontic Conference” Faculty of Dentistry – Cairo University. 17-18/10/2019.
  • Attending BOTOX, FILLERS, PRP & MESOTHERAPY COURSE “Dental Educational Society”. 2019.
  • Attending “29 th International Annual Conference Of the Egyptian Women’s Dermatologic Society” (EWDS 2020) 16-17/12/2020.
  • Speaker at “The Egyptian Dental Day” (EDD20) in National Training Institute. 6/11/2020
  • Speaker at El-Monira Hospital. 24/11/2020.
  • Speaker at The Egy.Health Exhibition and Conference Al-Manarah Convention center 9/9/2021
  • Speaker at The Egyptian Dental Day (EADS) Friday 25/3/2022 Princess Fatma Convention center.
  • Judge in the Practical Competition and Poster Competition at The Egyptian Dental Day (EADS) Friday 25/3/2022 Princess Fatma Convention center.