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Manar Elshazly

Manar Elshazly


Dr. Manar’s journey in Computer Science education is marked by a profound passion for teaching and a dedication to academic excellence. Her educational achievements, coupled with her professional experience, reflect a commitment to advancing knowledge and nurturing future generations of computer scientists.

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Helwan University’s Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Manar’s research focused on “Textual Entailment over Social Networks,” where she explored the application of deep learning techniques in natural language processing tasks. Her innovative approach, merging two deep learning approaches, aimed to optimize textual entailment over social networks, showcasing her expertise in the field.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. Manar completed a Master of Science in Computer Science, also at Helwan University, with a thesis on “Object Detection and Tracking in Video Files.” Her research proposed an accurate object detection model utilizing contour and segmentation methods, demonstrating superior performance compared to existing approaches.

Dr. Manar’s academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, where she achieved honors and showcased her problem-solving skills through her undergraduate project, “Nutrition System Analysis.”

In her professional career, Dr. Manar served as a Lecturer at the Canadian International College in Giza, Egypt, teaching a diverse range of courses and employing engaging teaching methodologies to foster student-centered learning environments. Prior to this role, she worked as an Assistant Lecturer and Teaching Assistant at Modern Academy in Cairo, where she developed strong relationships with students and adapted lesson plans to promote interactive learning experiences.

Dr. Manar’s expertise extends beyond the classroom, with publications in esteemed journals covering topics such as object detection, natural language processing, and depression detection models using deep learning and textual entailment. She has demonstrated leadership skills through her involvement in supervising graduation projects and serving as the Head of the Art Group at Modern Academy.

Overall, Dr. Manar’s exemplary academic and professional achievements, coupled with her passion for teaching and research, make her a valuable asset to the field of Computer Science education. Her dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering student success is evident in her contributions to academia and her commitment to excellence.