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Mohamed Arab

Mohamed Arab

Lecturer of Architecture


Dr.Mohamed Abdel-Shakour Arab is an accomplished Lecturer of Architecture at Galala University. With a passion for innovation, he excels as a principal architect, airport engineer, and visionary designer. Mohamed is deeply engaged in exploring the realms of Data, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their transformative impact on architecture. Holding a Ph.D. and recognized as a Data Scientist and Architecture AI Researcher, he’s a driving force in merging cutting-edge technology with architectural excellence. His diverse roles, including Principal Architect and Senior Airports Architect, underscore his proficiency and versatility in the field.


  • Ph.D., Lecturer of Architecture
  • Data Scientist
  • Architecture and AI Researcher 
  • Principal Architect & Senior Airports Architect


Area Of Research

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Neural Architecture 
  • Airports Planning & Engineering


  • St. Regis Towers – Cairo
  • Credit Agricole Head Office – Egypt
  • New Capital Opera House – Egypt
  • Galala Landmark Memorial Building – Galala City – Egypt
  • Berenice International Airport – Egypt
  • New St. Catherine Airport – Egypt
  • Development Of Marsa Alam Airport – Egypt
  • Bardawil International Airport – Egypt
  • Sphinx International Airport – Egypt
  • Capital International Airport – Egypt
  • Abha New Regional Airport – KSA
  • Malabu Airport Extension Program
  • Development of Al Arish Airport
  • Al-Alamein Old City – New Alamein – Egypt
  • Cairo Festival City- Oriana Villas Development – New Cairo
  • The One Hotel at Business Bay, Dubai
  • Citystars Mall & Towers – Kattameya, Egypt
  • Inma Office And Shopping Center – New Cairo
  • Who Regional Office Building Renovation – Egypt
  • Al-Zamil Tower – KSA
  • Hap Town New Cairo “Swan Lake Residences”
  • Millennium Resort Hotel at Mina Al-Arab, UAE
  • Technology Services Center (Egypt Post) At Maadi Technology Zone
  • Lekhwiya Sports Stadium – Qatar
  • Spark Office Building – KSA
  • Marseilia Towers – Egypt
  • Atlantic Industries Cairo Concentrate Plant Fire Protection – Egypt


Member of Cairo Heritage Conservation Committee.

Academic Positions

Lecturer of Architecture

Non-academic jobs

  • Principal Architect/Senior Airports Architect
  • Engineering Consultants Group (ECG)