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Dr. Mohamed Kandil completed his BDSc in Dental Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University where he also finished his MDSc in Dental Biomaterials. He completed his PhD at the Restorative Dentistry Department, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto. Currently, he is a lecturer at the Biomaterials Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Galala University.


  • Ph.D. in Dental science The University of Toronto, Toronto, 2011 – 2015 Dissertation: “Adhesion and Microleakage of CAD/CAM Crowns Using Self-adhesive Resin Cements”
  • M.D.Sc., Dental Biomaterials Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt 2004 – 2009 Dissertation: “The Effect of Gamma Irradiation on the Hardness, Impact Strength and Transverse Strength of Acrylic resins”
  • B.D.Sc. with Highest Honors, Oral & Dental Medicine Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt September 1996 – 2001

Area of Research

  • Investigating new technologies in dental restorative field.
  • Investigating restorative dental materials performance and improving their properties.
  • Improving the performance of material testing methodologies to get more reliable, reproducible and consistent outcomes.

Academic Positions

  • Lecturer of Dental Biomaterials 2016 – Present
  • Assistant lecturer of Dental Biomaterials 2009-2016
  • Instructor of dental Biomaterials 2007-2009
  • Instructor of removable prosthodontics 2003-2007 


  • Co-supervisor for the following master degree thesis:
    1. “Technique sensitivity of two universal adhesives with different chemical formulations: An in Vitro study” by Mohamed Abdel-Halim Mahmoud Hamouda.
    2. “In vitro study evaluating the effect of Proanthocyanidin pre-treatment protocols on resin/dentin bond strength, and composite resin colour stability” by Hagar Mahmoud Abdel Latif Darwish.
    3. “Effect of Chewing Simulation and Different Surface Treatments on The Bond Durability of CAD/CAM Hybrid Ceramic Blocks Repaired with Composite Resin: In Vitro Study” by Annan Ahmed Abdelhamid Elkassaby
  • Co-supervisor for the following Ph.D. degree thesis:
     “Evaluation of Some Properties of a Universal Adhesive After Incorporation of Chitosan/Hydroxyapatite Composite Nanoparticles” by Rana Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed


  • Dentist, practice restorative dentistry.
  • Biostatistician for many research studies.
  • Reviewer for “case reports in dentistry” journal.
  • Reviewer for “Heliyon” journal.
  • Presented lecture “Esthetic restoratives: Myths and facts” at the second International dental conference, Ain Shams university 2016.

Awards & Honorable Mentions

  • Certificate of appreciation, Faculty of dentistry, Ain Shams University, the Second International Dental Conference 2016.
  • First place Poster, Dentistry Research Day Award 2015, Faculty of dentistry, University of Toronto.
  • Best Demonstrator in Restorative Dentistry Award 2015, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.
  • SGS Conference Grant, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto 2013.
  • Certificate of Excellence in Dental science from Egyptian Dental Union, Cairo, Egypt.